The FANCL Difference | 3 Attributes of Preservative-free Products

3 Attributes of Preservative-free Skincare

What differentiates FANCL? The 3 Attributes of Preservative-free skincare.

Small Size Bottle:

The small size bottle is the emdodiment of FANCL's fresh, no-preservatives philosophy. The 'click' sound heard while opening a sealed product indicates that cutting-edge technology was employed on the product to ensure every drop is pure, clean and uncontaminated.

Hermetically Sealed Container:

All FANCL skincare products are produced to the same international health safety standards used for injectable drugs. Our hermetically sealed container design has been awarded with a Japanese patent (No. 3978224)

Production Date:

All FANCL skincare products are produced on a sterile production line and are clearly marked with the date of production along with the optimal freshness period after-opening to remind users that maximum efficacy of active skincare essences is achieved by using the product at its freshest.