iFANCL SG Membership Information
1 The iFANCL SG mobile e-membership card can only be used at FANCL counters and stores in Singapore. You can only register for each iFANCL SG membership account through one dedicated mobile phone and the membership is non-transferable.

2 For any net purchase of SG$20 using the iFANCL SG mobile e-membership card, you will be awarded one Gift Point. Accumulated Gift Points will be valid for one year commencing from the enrollment date until the end of the enrollment date month in the following year when all unredeemed Gift Points will expire. You will start to accumulate new Gift Points after the expiry date. For example: if you apply for your membership card on 10th May 2015, your accumulated Gift points will expire on 31st May 2016.

Please note that you can use your accumulated Gift Points to exchange for our special gifts based on the following table:

iFANCL SG Member:
1 Points on different membership cards (including ordinary membership card and iFANCL SG e-membership card) may not be combined.

2 As iFANCL SG members, we will provide you with regular update information about our products and services as well as offers and other promotional information.

3 By accessing or using the iFANCL SG mobile application, you accept and agree to be bound by our company’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions set out under “Brand Uniqueness”.

4 FANCL reserves the right to change these membership terms without prior notice.