BC Intensive Eye Essence

Targeting skin around the eyes, the BC Intensive Eye Essence instantly forms a lifting veil on the skin for tightening effect and to smooth wrinkles.

With Grape Bud Extract and Palm Oil, the BC Intensive Eye Essence also contains anti-oxidant properties and promote blood circulation to improve dull skin around the eye area.

With Rose Revitalizing Extract and Grape Bud Extract, BC Intensive Eye Essence helps to facilitate the collagen renewal cycle, leaving the skin around the eyes firm and delicately smooth.

Benefit : BC Intensive Eye Essence contains Proteoglycan to provide skin with moisture and strengthens skin barrier. It also provides an instant firming effect, smooths fine lines and improve dull skin around the eye area.
Size : 9ml
Ingredient : Rose Revitalizing Extract, Grape Bud Extract, Beauty Blue Sweet Pea Extract, Wrinkles Smoothing & Skin Firming Formula, Proteoglycan, Palm Oil
How to Use : After applying lotion, gently pat 1 pump of eye essence evenly around the eye area. Can also be used on the nasolabial folds or around the mouth.